Trak N Tell Intelli7 – Car Tracking and Safety System | Car Tracker
  • Track Your Car

    Where ever You Are!

    Introducing Intelli7

    The next step in car security

  • Make Your Car Safe
    & Your Family Safer


    Introducing Intelli7

    The next step in car security

When technology meets intuition

Trak N Tell's Intelli7 is created through years of R&D combined with human insights, resulting in a Telematics device that functions more as a companion rather than being another run-of-the-mill product.

Benefits for you!

  • Immobilizer

    Empowers you to disable the car engine remotely in case of theft.

  • Geo-fencing

    Create a virtual perimeter when going away from your car for a long time, get notified immediately in case the car leaves the geo-fence.

  • No Wire Cutting

    Our state-of-the-art device is compact and gets connected to your car without any tampering to the electrical system.

Cars secured
with device
KMs of distance tracked
with device

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Telematics is the combination of information and communications technology to send and receive data via telecommunications devices. Telematics enables wireless data communication and opens up a huge range of possibilities. It is used chiefly in Internet, telephone and mobile communication services as well as in vehicle telematics. Vehicle telematics assist the driver in a wide range of situations and deliver useful information directly to the vehicle... and more.

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